Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wild Food Identification: Raspberry

I am sure the mighty Raspberry (Rubus Idaeus) does not need much identification. I thought I share it with you anyway, as in my whole foraging times I have never found wild Raspberries. Until.Now. I might have even had a little victory dance.:) 
Because of the long winter, the Raspberries have been quite late this year. They are easily identified, pink berries found on a bush which can grow quite high to about 1.5 meters. They usually grow in Late June, July to August depending on location and how much sun they get over the summer months. It is difficult to identify them until they are actually ripe and fully developed Raspberries as the bushes and young berries look like Blackberries. 

When young, the flowers look like Blackberry flowers but the leaves are a little bit paler than those of the Blackberry. It took me a few years to distinguish one from the other. The stem of a raspberry is a bit smoother.

The wild variety of the Raspberry is not as perfectly shaped and big as the shop bought cultivated variety but that does not take anything of the tangy taste. Raspberries are so tasty in literally anything that you will struggle to decide what to do with them, that is of course if you have any left and did not eat them all whilst picking. I have made a Raspberry and Bilberry smoothie which was absolutely delicious!


Below are some photos for identification. 


And together with some Bilberries for an amazing Wild Food Smoothie!  


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