Monday, January 4, 2016

Get to know your Milkman

My milkman is called Daz. I have not met him yet as he comes in at around 5:30 am when I am still asleep. When I wake up, the milk is there, ready on our doorstep without me lifting a finger. Talk about perfect solutions for idlers! 
I have switched to milk from my local dairy in Sheffield (Hillsborough Dairy) a few months ago. We get a pint of milk every second day which is enough for us as I don’t really drink it that much. Each pint costs 61p and comes in a glass bottle. We order full fat milk and every time you open a new bottle you can actually scoop out the cream from the top! All you have to do with the bottle is rinse it and leave it for Daz to collect it when he delivers next time.

The milk does come with a small top which is made of aluminium foil so it is not a perfect solution (the ideal thing would be to use a swing top glass bottle that you reuse without the use of any disposables). I am going to collect all of my tops and recycle a bunch of them as my local curb recycling does not accept aluminium foil.

Overall with this simple switch I have eliminated around 3 plastic milk bottles a week so that is definitely a step in the right direction. If we ever need more milk for whatever reason, we can always call up for another delivery the next day. The shop is now the last resort, rather than then the usual option.

I imagine that those glass bottles get reused hundreds of times. Even though plastic milk bottles are recyclable, recycling should be the last resort after reusing.  

When you buy local produce, you are also supporting your local economy and your money does not go to large corporations but small local business instead. 

P.S Say Yes to local produce


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