Monday, May 2, 2016

The Urban Cyclist

I have set myself a goal to start cycling around town a bit more. I love cycling and I do most of my miles around the Peaks or other beautiful locations when cycle touring. I have never been a huge fan of cycling in the city as it has a different purpose- the emphasis is on getting to your destination rather than enjoying the ride. Depending on where you live, the traffic can also make the whole experience quite stressful.
I wanted to challenge myself and to see if any of these ideas were actually just my own misconceptions and to see if I can find enjoyment in it. I learned that it’s all about preparation. Having a functioning bike, knowing the rules of the road and staying focused are your starting points. When you are prepared and confident about what you are doing, suddenly the enjoyment comes naturally and you have that feeling of freedom that the seasoned urban commuters talk about.  You can move at your own speed and you are connected to the environment as you feel all the up hills, down hills and weather changes. (Instead of getting peed off about the rain, I am trying to embrace it!)

The best thing is that you can get somewhere for free, have fun and actually enjoy the experience. There is something liberating about getting to where you need to be by bike, overtaking an overcrowded bus as it is waiting impatiently on the lights. You also get your exercise done without really thinking about it much. So really, it makes total sense. And the more bikes there are, the more cycle lanes= less cars= less traffic= less pollution.

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