Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Wild Food Recipe- Sloe Gin


I have been foraging for quite a few years but for some reason, I have never made Sloe Gin. The berries were not quite ready when I tried to pick them or all of the birds (and cool Sheffield folk) stripped the branches clean by the time I got my act together.  I went to visit a friend who is my foraging buddy. We had one objective this weekend- to make this delicious beverage. Gin is my favourite drink in general, but somehow when infused with Sloe berries it is even tastier. 

Friday, October 27, 2017

Adventure- Cycle Touring with a Trad Rack

                        Cycling through Llanberis - Photo courtesy of Ellie Fuller 

We planned to finally walk the Pennine Way this summer as it has been on our adventure list for years. A few weeks before we were meant to set off, I have injured my foot whilst running. It was sore with every step so walking 280 miles was out of the question. If you are training for a particular event or you have been planning and training and putting a lot of effort into something, getting injured really sucks.  The solution to not getting disheartened is to become a Jack of all trades. In the world where everything is so specialised and results driven, there is something quite refreshing about giving yourself a permission to not strive to be the best at something but to enjoy many different things.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Buying Meat Zero Waste

When it comes to Zero Waste shopping, the biggest worry that I had was with meat.  Am I going to be able to bring my jars into the shop? Will the butchers trust my containers enough to eradicate any health and safety worries that they might have? I made the decision to eat less but more quality meat so I was looking for a butcher who would be happy to sell me produce zero waste.