Saturday, November 11, 2017

How to buy bread Zero Waste

                    The bread and the bread makers working hard behind the scenes 

Sometimes all you want is a nice crusty piece of toast. One of those which crunches in your mouth as you take the first bite. Spread a bit of nice butter on top and you are officially at peace. Sounds familiar? 

Bread is one of the easiest things to buy package free. Most bakeries and even supermarkets will sell loose bread.  

I usually get a big ish loaf when I shop.  The bread goes straight into my reusable cotton bag, without using the paper or plastic packaging that the shop provides. When I get home I slice my bread and pop it in the freezer in another cotton bag. If you prepare the bread this way, it means that there is never any waste as you only ever use what you need. I also don’t eat bread every day so it is nice to have something at home when I really fancy a piece of toast. I also freeze rolls and ciabattas for burgers and they taste just as nice as fresh ones. Just make sure that you defrost it in time for dinner!

I don't go anywhere without my trusty cotton bag.

My favourite bakery in Sheffield is called Seven Hills Bakery. They have so many different loaves of bread to choose from,  you can spend ages just salivating over the selection. My current favourite is a pumpkin sourdough. They also have a coffee shop and sell fruit and vegetables with some local produce. Not only is their bread delicious, they seem to also use a lot of reusable containers which is a great step in my book. No annoying little plastic butter and jam containers, instead,  they use homemade jam and local butter. Yum!

I am really lucky that where I live in Sheffield, there are so many local independent shops. As I said before, this often makes it easier to buy things package free as owners are happy to have your custom and are willing to listen to you. If you live in areas where you are reliant on shopping in supermarkets, buying bread Zero Waste is a good place to start. Just put your loose rolls and bread into your cotton bag and walk through the checkout with the most confidence that you can muster. :) 



  1. going to get some cotton bags to take to the farmers market with me!

  2. Great idea! I love my cotton bags they are so useful!