Saturday, November 18, 2017

Zero Waste Hair Care

The days when I had a basket full of half used hair care products are long gone. Conditioners, hair foams, gels, salt water sprays, heat protection sprays and millions of other things were sat in my bathroom, used once in a blue moon and collecting dust. Fast forward a few years and my hair care kit consists of only three items. I use these items daily and take them with me everywhere I go including hiking and cycling trips. There is nothing to collect dust anymore!

My three to go items are hair comb, solid shampoo and a conditioner. That is it. I recently swapped my plastic comb for a peach wood comb which feels a lot nicer on my hair and scalp. For a while, I only used a shampoo, but my hair is getting so long, a conditioner makes it a lot easier to brush my hair. I buy the shampoo and conditioner from Lush. It is really easy to buy them Zero Waste. I have two small tins which I bought years ago from the same shop and I just pop the items straight into them (or use my cotton produce bag). I ask the staff to not give me any packaging or stickers. The staff are always friendly and I usually get asked questions about why I do it which I am happy to answer. Lush has an environmental policy in which they pledge to use minimal packaging and encourage you to shop Zero Waste which is a big step forward. They take responsibility for the plastic that they produce- the majority comes from recycled materials and they accept (and encourage) their used black pots for recycling. To me this is a high standard of corporate environmental responsibility– it is very easy for companies to churn stuff out there but what about when these items come to the end of their life? More companies should be responsible for the items that they produce during the whole lifecycle of their product. If this was the case everywhere, we would have a lot less crap out there as businesses would really think about the durability of materials and whether it is even worth producing something in a first place. f you have been reading my blog you know that I always try and opt for local businesses but if big companies make positive changes of this kind, I will happily spend my money there as well.

Another factor which I consider when opting for Zero Waste alternatives is ingredients.  There are so many chemicals used in conventional hair care products none of which I want anywhere near my skin.  One of my friends said to me once that just because a product is more natural, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is also better for you. I agree with that. I use all of my items not only because I can buy them package free but because they work and I love using them. That is ultimately why the products above have made the cut in my minimal hair care kit list. If you swap your packaged product for a Zero Waste alternative which you don’t like or you don’t want to use, chances are that the change won’t be long term. The fact that Lush uses natural products plays a big part in my ‘shopping is voting’ attitude.

But how many items is enough? It will be different for everyone. I found my current perfect amount. Everything that I use I love and there is nothing sat in the cupboard for future ‘what if’ situation. One of the unexpected benefit of minimizing my hair care products is the amount of money that I saved over time. I use my shampoo and conditioner daily. It lasts me for months as I only ever need a tiny amount.  The money (and time that I wasted shopping for the products in the first place) that I save, I can then spend on something which brings a lot more value to my life than salt water hair spray- having a dip in the actual salt water, aka the sea! 



  1. Found your blog via a comment on another blog. Really love it and I will be following it with interest.
    Where did you get the peach wood comb, it looks really good.
    My daughter went travelling and took all lush products with her as they took up so little room and lasted for ages

    1. Hi Lea! Thanks for your kind words. There are no Zero Waste shops around Sheffield which would be my first choice. I got mine online of ebay. What I usually do with Ebay is that I send them a message and ask them to post things in recycled or reused packaging, preferably in paper. Most of the time it works! I discovered my shampoo bar when I went travelling a few years ago as well.

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