Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Furoshiki- Zero Waste Gift Wrap

I have been wanting to do this little DIY for a while. I am not quite sure why I have not got round to doing this sooner as this is one of the easiest and most satisfying projects that I have done. Introducing Furoshiki, also known as Japanese Gift Wrap. Furoshiki is a century old technique which originated in Japan. It is used for transporting gifts, lunches and other items. Think of it as origami, but for fabric, creating beautiful gift wraps or useful bags out of a single piece of cloth.
Furoshiki are once again making a comeback after its post-war decline due to the introduction of plastic bags. There are many different methods of folding the cloth to create different beautiful and functional designs. You can use fabrics in any size, ranging from small to extra large in order to wrap big items. Traditionally, the cloth was mainly silk and cotton but any fabric will do. 

I have been looking for Zero Waste ways to wrap Christmas presents for my family and a Christmas themed fabric seemed like a fitting idea! If you are looking for a last minute Zero Waste gift wrap this might be perfect. You can use any fabric or scarf that you can get your hands on, but I would probably ask for permission if you decide to cut up your mums Christmas table cloth:) 

You need:

Piece of fabric or a scarf-  I had a large piece of fabric which I cut into 3 sizes so that I can wrap a range of different items. I found that for regular items square works a lot better.  For the bag that you can see above, I used the large template.  

Large- 1m-1.10 
Medium-1 m x 50 cm (works better for wrapping bottles) 
Small – 50 cm x 50 cm x 

How to: 

There are lots of elaborate tutorials out there but I have opted for a simple design which I used to use when I was wrapping gifts in paper. It is really simple to do but it looks beautiful so I have wrapped all of my presents using this technique.  

1. Put your fabric on the floor or large surface. Put the item that you want to wrap in the left hand corner.

2. Place a corner over the item so that it is partially covered. 

3. Pinch the corner so that it stays put and roll it forward, making sure that the corner doesn’t move.  Roll the 'log' again.  

4. Fold the opposite corner towards the rolled item so that it nearly touches it. 

5. Fold the corner over so that it now sits on top of the roll.

6. Pinch and fold both sides of the gift so that they become narrower, creating what will be bunny ears of the gift wrap.  

7. Tie the bunny ears into a simple knot. 

8. Tie the second knot the opposite way so that the bunny ears are now on the other side to where they were on the previous step. 

9. If you are wrapping more than one gift in the same fabric, all you need is a handmade tag. I used some cardboard from our recycling, drew some snowflakes and just slotted it in.

That’s it! It seems complicated but once you get the hang of it, it literally takes about 30 seconds. And don't worry I haven't ruined anyone's surprise by showing this tutorial with a present.  This was a birthday gift for my sister which is conveniently close to Christmas.  

One of the things that I like about Christmas is traditions. But you don’t need to stick with old traditions just for the sake of it. You can create new ones. I really love the fact that we now have a family Furoshiki kit which makes a comeback every year. Instead of throwing a lot of Christmas wrapping paper into the bin, you just fold the fabric and put it away, ready for next year.   


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