Thursday, December 28, 2017

Zero Waste Coffee

I stopped drinking coffee a while ago. As a student, I used to work in coffee shops, study in coffee shops and hang out in coffee shops. Studying has some perks, mainly the availability of time that you can spend any way you want -guilt free! I would spent a lot of time sitting in my favourite place staring out of the window and just pondering about the world. When I started working after University, I would pick up a coffee on the way to work to perk me up and to give me that feeling of bliss (would rather be staring out of a window with a cup right now but this is second best feeling ). There was a lot of money spent on coffee, not to mention all of that packaging that came from it!

I realized that I was actually quite caffeine sensitive so I tried to cut down. My tea consumption in that time has however quadrupled so it was probably all psychological anyway :) What I realised in the process of curbing my habit is that a coffee shop visit was more of a time for myself where I could think, process my thoughts and just relax.  It wasn't about the coffee really. So now I try to recreate that moment for myself at home without spending literally hundreds of pounds every year. The solution is simple, cheap and completely zero waste-make your own. 

I now buy all of our coffee in bulk from a local shop in Sheffield called Pollards. They stock a huge amount of varieties. Who would have thought that there is so much to choose from? When you enter the shop, your taste buds are screaming as the smell of freshly ground coffee welcomes you in. You can ask to smell different varieties to see what you fancy each time. Our current favourite is Monsoon Malabar.  I bring my jar, get it filled with coffee beans and grind them at home using a coffee grinder. The coffee lasts fresh for longer when all of its flavour is locked in the bean. If you don't have a grinder, don't worry as they can grind it for you! 

There often is a misconception that good quality items costs a lot more. If you buy 2 x take away coffees  for 2.50 each, for the same price you will be able to get a really good quality fresh coffee which will last you for weeks! 

We use an insulated stainless steel coffee french press to brew the coffee at home and compost the coffee grounds. 

No more take aways in plastic coffee cups either!  If I want a drink whilst I am out I bring a reusable mug and ask the staff to fill it. As long as the mug has a lid I have never been refused. 

When on occasion I want a coffee (Craig is the main coffee hound these days) I make it at home, have a moment for myself and relax knowing that I am supporting local shop, drinking good quality coffee and there is no waste as a result. But I'm not going to lie, I I still like a good coffee shop every now and then ;)

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