Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Microadventure- Winter Camping in the Lake District

I love those weekends when you feel that on Sunday night, you have become a different person to what you were like on Friday. It doesn't happen every weekend but it almost always is the case when I go and do something just outside of my comfort zone. If you have a big adventure where you travel for months, you will most definitely feel changed in a way. But actually, a weekend away can give you just the same feeling. You can find it a train ride or couple of hours drive away from where you live and you can push your comfort zone just as much. Your Monday morning commute seems a lot more bearable after that sort of weekend and you go in with a twinkle in your eye and an adventure in your cheeks. 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Zero Waste Nuts and Seeds

I eat my body weight in nuts every month. They are such a good snack on its own and they are also a really good source of fats,  protein and minerals. Although we don't have a ZW waste shop in Sheffield (yet), I can buy most varieties package free. From almonds, brazil nuts and pine nuts to sunflower seeds and even some varieties coated in chocolate. I do a bulk shop roughly once every 6 weeks so that I always have some at home when I want to make some raw energy balls or add them to my meals.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Badass women series - Sarah Ingram

I am always inspired to see girls doing adventurous things and pushing their limits. Once upon a time, there used to be a particular type of an adventurer. Most often than not, it was a very much a  guy thing which involved a beard, scaling mountains, living for the outdoors and pushing physical limits. Well, I am so pleased to say that things are changing rapidly. There is a new type of adventurer- the adventurous gal.  Although there is no beard involved, she too is scaling mountains, living for the outdoors and pushing physical limits.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Self Care- The art of looking after yourself

With January often come goals settings and resolution making which is great. However, we often forget that we also need to include time for ourselves. Self-care -or looking after yourself. I have indeed included this alongside my other goals this year because I realized that unless you make it on par with the importance of the rest of your life and goals, it will be pushed on a back burner. I have always been a fan of self - care. Not the one that cosmetics industry tries to sell you but the necessary kind of self-care. Because in the world where being overworked and always busy is apparently something to strive for, taking time out for yourself, whether it is 5 minutes, an hour or a full day is an act of rebellion towards society like that. So stick a middle finger to the never taken lunch breaks, emails at 10 pm or mindless social media scrolling. Why? Because it is good for you.    

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Zero Waste Tea- Because who wants to drink tea with plastic?

I used to be a Yorkshire Tea girl. That is until I found out that it has plastic in it. This is not unique to just this brand but most commercially available teas (even those which are marketed as healthy!). How can you have plastic in a tea bag you may ask? Surely, it is just a paper tea bag? I thought that the humble tea bag was safe from the plastic invasion but I was wrong. Polypropylene which is plastic is actually used to seal some of the tea bags at the seams. So that means that you drink a little bit of plastic every time you sit down for a cup of tea- which for me is about 8 times a day.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

7 Reasons why you should start climbing this year

I discovered climbing nearly three years ago. Just before I started, I had this urge and a feeling to climb which I never had before. In fact, I used to be quite scared of the idea of climbing!  By this point, I have done quite a bit of cycle touring and hiking but I was new to the feeling of being off the ground during my adventures. Then something shifted and suddenly, when I walked in the Peak District, instead of looking ahead along the path, I started looking up towards the Edges at all the climbers, feeling the inexplicable urge to try it. I now know that what I experienced is quite a common thing amongst climbers- it is called the climbing psyche! 


Saturday, January 6, 2018

How to buy Fruit and Vegetables Zero Waste

I thought it would be quite fitting to kick off the new year's Zero Waste posts with shopping for fruit and vegetables. Whether your new year resolution is to get healthier or not, chances are that you could do with some fruit and veg after the Christmas shenanigans! Fruit and Veg now contains a large part of my weekly shop and so I make sure that I buy it package free as otherwise, it would contribute to quite a lot of unrecyclable trash.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Minimalism- Buy Less, Live More

I am not sure what came first for me, Minimalism or Zero Waste. I think I was in a point of my life a few years ago when I started to feel that stuff don’t make me happy. I had accumulated a lot of things. I wouldn’t say that I was a hoarder or I had a lot more stuff than your average student but at one point it started to feel like a lot.  Books that I only read once (or never), clothes that I never wore and unfinished sewing and craft projects were stored in every nook and cranny. My flat was overflowing and always messy and I never felt inspired looking at my to brim filled cupboards.  It felt pretty suffocating.