Saturday, January 27, 2018

Zero Waste Nuts and Seeds

I eat my body weight in nuts every month. They are such a good snack on its own and they are also a really good source of fats,  protein and minerals. Although we don't have a ZW waste shop in Sheffield (yet), I can buy most varieties package free. From almonds, brazil nuts and pine nuts to sunflower seeds and even some varieties coated in chocolate. I do a bulk shop roughly once every 6 weeks so that I always have some at home when I want to make some raw energy balls or add them to my meals.

I am lucky that my local Greengrocers Just Natural stocks so many different varieties that I can get everything that I need without packaging. Ever since I can remember, they had these self service disposing machines for all of their nuts, seeds and dried fruits. They don't use plastic bags in this section of the shop but instead use paper bags. They must have saved a lot of plastic over the years which is really great!

 When I go to get stocked up, I just bring my cotton bags and use them instead of the provided paper bags. Yep, my trusty cotton bags which have seen it all by this point are still going strong, ready to take these healthy snacks back home! You can use jars instead but I am usually buying a lot of other produce (they stock a lot of cheap fruit and veg) and so this solution works well for me. Just like when I buy vegetables in cotton bags, I don't really tare them before hand but if you use jars or your bags are heavier, just write the weight on with a permanent marker pen and they can subtract the weight at the checkout.

At home, I store all of my nuts and seeds in air tight jars as they last a lot longer. How much better do they look than the ones that come in often non recyclable plastic packaging?

 Once upon a time, Just Natural used to stock up rice, lentils and cous cous but they stopped that as there was no demand for it. I feel that perhaps they were a little bit ahead of their time! Sheffield needs more places where you can get Zero Waste produce and so I hope that if more people request it in different shops, the more options we will have.  So next time you are in you local shop (or Just Natural if you live in Sheffield), ask them for what you would like to see and chances are that local business owners will respond.

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