Saturday, February 3, 2018

Zero Waste Pasta and Rice

Carbs - love them or hate them but chances are that you always have some at home for those times when you want to cook a quick meal. Rice and Pasta were one of the few things that I struggled to buy package free. I don't eat a lot of them anymore but in our household, we get through quite a bit so you can imagine how excited I was to find out that we can now buy it completely package free. The Sheffield University Students' Union has made a massive step towards sustainability and got some bulk bins with rice, pasta, bulgur wheat, lentils and more. 
The bulk section is located in the corner of the Students' Union shop. It is open to everyone including members of the public and the profits from the shop are going back to students which is all the more reasons to buy it from there!  I went in as soon as I heard the good news about bulk food bins being available, brought my trusty cotton bags and filled them with rice, pasta and some bulgur wheat. 

You can use the paper bags provided but why waste paper when you can bring your own jars or bags? All you need to do is tare your jars or bags, take them to the till where they weight it for you and voila- you can take your zero waste produce home without any trouble at all. As with most food items that I have at home, I store them in airtight jars. 

I studied at Sheffield University and now live and work here too and so I am really pleased that they have made such a positive step. The Students' Union has always been so ahead of the game in important issues both in sustainability and equality.  Gender-neutral toilets to support LGBT+ students, installing water fountains in order to reduce plastic water bottles (and banning the sale of water bottles in their outlets), pledging to reduce single-use plastics like straws and cups by introducing #reusablerevolution campaign as well as saving leftover food from cafes and starting up a student allotment is just some of the awesome projects that they made happen over the years. The idea of bulk bins came from the SU Development Officer Megan, so big kudos to her for making this happen! Sometimes it is so easy to give up when you are making changes in your workplace but I am really pleased that the environment at Sheffield University and the Students' Union is so responsive to changes like that. It really feels like your ideas can become a reality! And if you can be empowered by making something happen within the supportive walls of the University, what is stopping you to go and continue this good work when you leave into the wide world? If any prospective students are reading this post, take note of how much of a great place this is and how supported your ideas are if you study here. Just saying- it might be worth pushing Sheffield Uni to the top of your UCAS choices :)

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