Thursday, March 29, 2018

Zero Waste Microadventure- Scrambling in North Wales

I am a big fan of preparation and planning trips, no matter how small, especially when there are risks involved. But sometimes, life gets in a way and you get to 9 pm the night before and not only you haven’t packed, but you are unsure where your map and compass is and whether you actually have an OS map of that area at all. It is so easy at this stage to just sack it off and stay at home. But sometimes, these unplanned adventures turn out to be the best.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Zero Waste Sweets

Ok, so no matter how well you eat and how healthy you keep day to day, the occasional sweets are definitely part of life. They are for sure, part of mine! But when the sweet urge kicks in, instead of opting for ones in plastic packaging, why not get them completely Zero Waste? It is super easy and with a bit of willpower, you can actually keep them in the cupboard for a while. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Badass Women Series- Fiona Bateson

Badass women series is back. This time, I am bringing you another hell of a badass lady, Fiona Bateson! I got to know Fi through work and over the years she has inspired me so many times with her attitude to life and insatiable adventure spirit that I had to share her stories with you. 


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wild Swimming in the Peak District- Little Barbrook

My usual dipping routine since the start of 2018 involves finding a small stream which is deep enough for a quick submersion- sometimes only possible if I lay down. I think this goes to show that you really don’t need much in order to feel exhilarated. But as I have been getting more used to cold water, I wanted to start venturing to different spots in the Peak District so that I could take my few seconds long dips to the next level. You can imagine my absolute excitement when I discovered Little Barbrook, where you can actually properly swim, with the water being deep enough in the middle to not even be able to touch the bottom. And the best thing about it is that the place feels secluded, even though you are only a few minutes from the car. It’s literally in the middle of some of the best grit stone climbing in the Peaks as well and so if you are a climber/wild swimmer convert, this place is an absolute magic.


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Zero Waste- Bring back the Handkerchief

This seems such a trivial swap that you may think it is not even worth writing about at all. However, for such a simple swap, the impact is quite big so it is definitely on the list of good Zero Waste solutions. If you are a little bit older, you may still remember having a handkerchief in lieu of a disposable box of tissues. I do! Both my mum and grandmum had a pile of them, all ironed to perfection, ready to be used for bouts of cold. I can tell you that the apple didn’t fall that far away from the tree in my case, with the only difference being that I have a couple instead of a full drawer (how many does one actually need?) and mine are definitely not ironed. (Who can be bothered with that?). But other than that, I am a real fan of reusable cotton handkerchiefs, and I now have one with me in my bag wherever I go. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Zero Waste Microadventure- Winter Bivvy

I was hoping for snowy winter since October. I desperately wanted to go and bivvy in the snow for the first time. It looked like spring was on its way and that I will miss my chance, but luckily for me, nature had “the beast from the east” up its sleeve.  And what a beauty that was. As soon as the snow hit the ground, it was as if all of the Sheffield adventure folk suddenly came out of the woodworks. People were skiing, swimming, winter climbing, walking and generally embracing activities which are usually reserved for Scottish Winter or somewhere in the Alps. I did not want to miss my chance either!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Zero Waste Shaving

If you want to look at good and sustainable Zero Waste solutions, more often than not you don’t need to look for modern things but instead, look back in time.  Just 20-30 years ago, people used to use a lot fewer disposables and some of their items were naturally Zero Waste. Things were made to last back then as people bought items based on durability rather than convenience. And then the dreaded plastic disposable culture arrived, alongside with the boom in shopping. Durability was swapped for convenience and good recyclable materials were swapped for cheaply made plastics. We now know that this is not the way forward and there is a shift once again thanks to initiatives like Zero Waste, to go back to durability and shopping based on quality. And my latest swap- the reusable shaving kit, ticks all of those boxes. You essentially go back to what your dad and grandad used to do- buy a stainless steel double edge razor, brush and a good old-fashioned bar of soap.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

DIY- Off the shoulder linen top

Coats and jumpers are slowly being pushed to the back of the closet and space is being made for shorts, dresses and off the shoulder tops. Spring is most definitely coming soon (you wouldn't know it from this week though) and I don’t know about you but I am ready to embrace it! Is there a better way to get into the spring/summer spirit than a quick DIY made from recycled materials?