Sunday, March 11, 2018

Zero Waste- Bring back the Handkerchief

This seems such a trivial swap that you may think it is not even worth writing about at all. However, for such a simple swap, the impact is quite big so it is definitely on the list of good Zero Waste solutions. If you are a little bit older, you may still remember having a handkerchief in lieu of a disposable box of tissues. I do! Both my mum and grandmum had a pile of them, all ironed to perfection, ready to be used for bouts of cold. I can tell you that the apple didn’t fall that far away from the tree in my case, with the only difference being that I have a couple instead of a full drawer (how many does one actually need?) and mine are definitely not ironed. (Who can be bothered with that?). But other than that, I am a real fan of reusable cotton handkerchiefs, and I now have one with me in my bag wherever I go. 
I have not bought a box of tissues in years but instead, I used to use toilet roll on a daily basis. Obviously the cost is marginal, but it all adds up over the years especially when you have a cold and go through it like there is no tomorrow. There is also the environmental impact. Tissues can be made from recycled materials or from wood pulp which seems quite a waste of resources in my opinion. Why waste precious trees on something so trivial as tissues when there is a good reusable alternative?  

       My handkerchief doubles up as food napkin as there is no need to have separate ones 

This is one of those solutions where the initial investment is really low in terms of cost but it will make you save money in the long run. You can make your own really easily (just cut a square from any fabric that you have lying around and hem it) or you can pick up vintage handkerchiefs from a charity shop. I bought mine for about 40p from a local charity shop and it doubles up as a food napkin whenever I need it. There are also lots of interesting new options out there and I have a feeling that handkerchiefs are in for a full comeback. 

We all have these small annoying little habits, and mine is full pockets. I always used to ended up with all sorts of s*** in it, making my bulging pockets look like I was in my second trimester. Any pocket on most of my clothes used to have sweet and chocolate wrappers (not anymore though), random bits of paper and of course tissues. Lots and lots of tissues. And you know what happens to tissues when you forget to take it out before you wash your clothes, they stick all over and are a total pain to get off. Not anymore though as there is no residue with reusable ones. After use, I will just simply pop it in the wash with the rest of my clothes and lo and behold they come out on the other side clean, and ready to be used for many more years to come.



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