Saturday, March 3, 2018

Zero Waste Shaving

If you want to look at good and sustainable Zero Waste solutions, more often than not you don’t need to look for modern things but instead, look back in time.  Just 20-30 years ago, people used to use a lot fewer disposables and some of their items were naturally Zero Waste. Things were made to last back then as people bought items based on durability rather than convenience. And then the dreaded plastic disposable culture arrived, alongside with the boom in shopping. Durability was swapped for convenience and good recyclable materials were swapped for cheaply made plastics. We now know that this is not the way forward and there is a shift once again thanks to initiatives like Zero Waste, to go back to durability and shopping based on quality. And my latest swap- the reusable shaving kit, ticks all of those boxes. You essentially go back to what your dad and grandad used to do- buy a stainless steel double edge razor, brush and a good old-fashioned bar of soap.

It seems that shaving for women is a profitable business. You can go to the shop and buy female-specific, disposable razors. Most of the time these are pink and ridiculously expensive. WTAF is that all about? You don’t have that with a reusable shaving kit. A razor is a razor and that is it. It seems that stopping shaving is the solution which most strongly sticks the middle finger to society which makes us believe that we need to do things in order to feel a certain way- in this instance to be hairless in order to feel beautiful. But everyone has a choice over their bodies, so shave or not, and be proud of your choice!

Soap and brush

No more shaving foam which is full of chemicals and artificial fragrances. A humble shaving soap, small container and a brush is all you need to make a foamy lather. It only takes a couple of minutes, but those two minutes are a lot more pleasurable when you take your time and enjoy the experience. Just like the Japanese tea making, you can make your shaving into a ritual. I bought my shaving soap on Etsy as I couldn’t find one locally. It came in a paper bag which I recycled afterwards. The brush is vintage and bought off eBay for £5. It comes in a really handy stainless steel container which is perfect for travels. The last thing you need is a small dish to make your lather and you are good to go! Watch a tutorial on Youtube which will tell you all the tips that you need to know to get it spot on. 

Double Edge Razor

Here is a product which will most definitely last a lifetime. The base is made of stainless steel and comes in 3 parts. All you need to buy after you make your initial investment is replacement blades which are inexpensive. They come in paper which is easily recyclable. I bought my razor from a company called Albatross. Through their ‘Blade Take Back Program’ you can now send them your used razor blades and they will recycle it for you. I always want to support companies who deal with the afterlife of the item that they produce and so I happily ‘voted’ for them by making my purchase through their business.  

Shaving with a double edge razor is an experience, it feels very different to using your standard plastic razor.  It is also a lot sharper so be careful! After shaving, I take the razor apart, wash and dry it properly so that it lasts longer. 

I am really pleased that my gender neutral shaving kit works just as well and I haven’t lost anything from my femininity by not using a designated female pink razor. Instead, I have a good Zero Waste solution which is minimal and natural and does the job.



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