Monday, March 26, 2018

Zero Waste Sweets

Ok, so no matter how well you eat and how healthy you keep day to day, the occasional sweets are definitely part of life. They are for sure, part of mine! But when the sweet urge kicks in, instead of opting for ones in plastic packaging, why not get them completely Zero Waste? It is super easy and with a bit of willpower, you can actually keep them in the cupboard for a while. 
Sweets are one of those things which are really easy to buy Zero Waste as you can usually get a pick and mix selection in small newsagents as well as in the majority of the big supermarkets. They are used to weighing sweets in paper bags in those shops so all you need to do is use your cotton bag instead (or a jar) and you are good to go!

There is usually so many to choose from that you will hardly get bored.  The Zero Waster in me is going ‘wheyyy look at all these choices’and the health conscious adult is like - “ There is so much sugar in this!” So again, balance is the key here. 

I used to eat a lot of sweets when I was younger. These days I try not to eat that much refined sugar, but every now and then I will get some. Especially for when I am out walking as bringing some chocolate or sweets is kind of essential for the morale! Last week I bought some sour sweets, chocolate coated raisins and some sugar mice. I used my cotton bags which makes it just as easy as using paper bags and stored them in glass jars at home. 

 They look so lovely stored in a Kilner Jar that if you are looking for a last minute present, pop a (recycled) label on and you can pretend to the lucky recipient that this has been a planned gift all along. 


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