Wednesday, May 30, 2018

My trash update - May

May must be one of my favourite months. The sun is out, long warm evenings give everyone this boost of fresh energy and there is a general happiness in the air. Perhaps it is the sun or the fact that everything has suddenly turned green with bursts of multi coloured flowers popping up everywhere. I took advantage of all of those refreshing things and spend most of the evenings out in the Peak District being spoiled by too many beautiful sunsets overlooking the place that I call home. 

                                                       Sunset at Stanage = hapiness
I spent the first week of the month climbing and mainly falling in love with Pembroke. I loved everything about the place, from the rock to the pristine environment. 

                        It is difficult to not fall in love with trad climbing when in Pembroke!

We continued the trip in Wye valley where I climbed my hardest trad climbing route to date which was pretty awesome. 

Testing to see what my limits actually are and not what my mind tells me that they are- The Shaft E2 5c

If last month was heavy on pushing my physical limits climbing every available second, May had a much gentler pace after Pembroke. As my shoulder had been troubling me for a few weeks I took some time to rest and focused on other things. Stress+ Rest = Growth. There was a lot of ''stress'' last month in terms of pushing myself trying to figure out what my limit is in climbing and for the past few weeks I was giving my body and mind a much needed rest so that it can recover and I can push it once more:) 

                       Walking is one of the most restorative thing that I know

I found wild swimming and walking restorative.

                                    I have also discovered some new wild swimming spots!
 There literally isn't anything better to reset you as a dip in cold water. My dips have been getting progressively longer to a point where now I can actually swim for a while! I am getting used to the cold water but mostly it has been super warm outside! Oh, the heat wave that we had was amazing. 

                                                  Getting used to the cold water...

I am a big fan of lounging around in the sun, doing nothing, sleeping and meditating all whilst laying on the grass feeling the warming sun on my skin. There was plenty of that going on this Month due to the fantastic weather! 

                                                 Post assessment content face!

However, May was not all about resting, I passed my Rock Climbing Instructor qualification too which I have been working on for months! I spent many evenings in the last few weeks practicing my skills, wondering whether climbing instructors really have the best job in the world! (I will probably change my tune in February). Having a bit of quiet thinking time also made me plan my year ahead which has resulted in some super exciting travel plans! More on that soon :) 

                                                                Monthly trash

Finally, my trash! Once again, everything that I have produced which is destined for landfill fits in a small Kilner jar. There were the usual Yoghurt foil wrappers, butter wrappers, medication packaging, as well as some leftovers from snacks. It seems that bike rides in the heat on Sheffield hills test my resolutions to the max! 

        Zero Waste camping has its challenges, but nothing that a good cool box can't fix.

I was camping for nearly a week when I was climbing in Pembroke and Wye Valley. A week has been the longest that I managed to go camping Zero Waste and the whole week resulted in very small trash production. In fact, it was less than what I produced in a single week whilst I was at home! 


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