Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Unwrapped- Sheffield's very own Zero Waste shop

Finally, we have a Zero Waste shop in Sheffield! Thanks to Kirstie and Bex and their passion for the environment, Sheffield's very own Zero Waste shop- 'Unwrapped' is now open. I don't have to tell you that I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning when I went to have a look for the first time. This will not only make Zero Waste shopping easier for myself and for local people but it also puts Sheffield on par with other UK, US and European cities which have really good Zero Waste shops already. Is this yet another string to Sheffield's bow or what?

The shop stocks all of the dried and bulk items that you could possibly need. They have a lot of the hard to get Zero Waste items like oil, spices, pasta, shampoo, conditioner, honey, pulses etc.

I used to be super happy when I got my hands on one type of package free pasta a few months ago but now it seems that the world is my oyster when it comes to pasta. Brown, white, fusilli, orzo, whatever you think of, chances are that they have it. The same goes for other staples like rice, cous cous, quinoa and pulses.

Getting honey package free was a distant dream but thanks to Unwrapped I will be using even less resources when buying it! Buying honey in glass is a lot less better than in plastic but from now on I can avoid that too. The same goes for oil.

They even have a peanut butter machine!

And decaf coffee beans!

The shop is reasonably priced which is great as eco label is now almost fashionable and  there are a lot of companies who are trying to cash in on this. 

You can also get a big selection of liquid cleaning products as well as shampoo and conditioner in bulk.

 If you are new to Zero Waste go and check it out. You can buy jars and bags to get you going on your journey and they will happily show you what you need to do so that your weekly shop is completely Zero Waste. Alternatively check out my shopping tips and what I use to produce no trash when shopping.

 If you are a proficient Zero Waster already, well that means I am preaching to converted so definitely go as it will make your day. 

Will I still be shopping in my usual local shops? Absolutely. There are things which Unwrapped don't sell (meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables etc) and so if anything, I will just be able to get more varieties of things which I already buy which is great. I think it is good to support as many local shops as possible in the process too! 

Thanks Bex and Kristie for making Zero Waste more accessible to everyone in Sheffield! 

Just to clarify, this is not in any way sponsored post, this is just me being very excited and feeling like together as a community we are one step further towards the anti plastic revolution. So go and support your local businesses of this kind by spending your money there.  Shopping is voting. And I am voting for Zero Waste.


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