Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Your low-waste adventure kit: What to pack for a lighter footprint workshop with Decathlon as part of SHAFF

Have you ever wondered if it's possible to reduce your footprint when you're adventuring? Or wanted to take your environmental efforts from your day to day life and apply them to your trips? Join me and Decathlon at The Sheffield Adventure Film Festival this year as we will be discussing how to lower your waste, be more aware when buying gear and give you some more tips on reducing your footprint in general when pursuing whatever your type of adventure is.
If you haven't been to SHAFF before, prepare to be seriously inspired. The whole weekend is jam packed with adventure films that will leave you wanting to quit your job, grab your bike/rope/running shoes/wetsuit and get out there. This year they are adding more fringe events and a lot of focus will be on sustainability within the outdoor world. There is a whole series of talks and workshops under the Tread Softly festival journey all of which will leave you psyched and full of tips to help you fight your environmental battles. 

I've partnered up with Decathlon to discuss what to pack in your adventure kit in order to lower your footprint and waste. I will be talking about my experiences in trying to reduce the amount of landfillable trash during small adventures in the UK and on my 10 week climbing trip in North America. I will share my success, challenges and mistakes and some tips that helped me lower my footprint on that front. 

As gear and technical clothing is essential in the pursuit of outdoor sports, we will also focus on the implications that this has on the environment. We will give you some ideas about what to look for when buying things that you need, break down the misconceptions that you have to spend lots of money in order to purchase gear with lighter footprint and we will talk about some of the pieces of equipment which have made it to my gear closet and the reasons behind it. Decathlon have incorporated sustainability into their business ethos and they will talk about what they have done so far and what the future looks like in terms of the environmental impact. 

The event is on the 22nd March 13:45-14:30 and the tickets are free. You can book yours here. 


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