About me

Hi and welcome to Poppy Goes Wild!

My name is Dom and I am based in Sheffield, UK.

I spend my days climbing, cycling, hiking, or generally doing anything which has some adventurous element in it.  I think a day in the mountains (or on the crag) is never a day wasted. My love for the outdoors and the quality time that I spend there made me realize just how fragile our environment really is. I have set out to protect it as much as I can as I want the future generations to be able to get the same opportunities as me. I have stumbled upon the Zero Waste movement which seemed like a really good way to do it. Zero Waste essentially means that you live your life to the fullest but without having to create a lot of rubbish in the process, which is destined for landfill. With this process comes a lot of efforts to simplify my life. There is a reason why there is a link between Zero Waste and Minimalism. Minimalism to me means getting rid of the stuff that I don’t need in order to make space for the things that enrich my life.  It can also translate to – less stuff – more experiences! I really don’t need plastic packaging in my life- but I most definitely need a day out climbing on Stanage Edge in the Peak District!

I also enjoy being creative, whether it is to make a wooden pallet bed or make my own bath bombs.  It is quite empowering to make something creative, whether the result is amazing or not so much. If you can forage for your own foods and make something delicious to eat or drink, even better!

Come and join me on my journey as I eradicate plastic and disposables from my life one item at the time, all whilst living a life full of adventure.

I am always happy to chat and answer any questions so don’t hesitate to leave a comment or get in touch if you want to ask anything - poppygoeswild@gmail.com




  1. Dear Dominika, I was given your link by a friend of mine, who follows your blog. I'm currently doing a project on zero waste and I wanted to see if you'd be willing to fill out my survey https://etcsa.typeform.com/to/sV3kKf . It would be super helpful to see how people approach it. Thank you and happy to have discovered your blog!

    1. Just did it! Hope it helps! What’s the project?